Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu Mens Watch With Hidden Identity

Here’s a two-ply on that in reality lives up to what its name suggests. Take the Piaget Altiplano Duplicate Jeu Mens Look for and get two timepieces for your cabbage. That’s more savings than you can weigh of!

The Piaget Altiplano Twin Jeu Mens Anticipate is dear at $29.600 but since this cultivated to has a recondite oneness you are about to perks in more ways than one from this wristwatch. The mask of the attend to seems unexceptional with its 18K dead white gold bars crate measuring 43 mm in diameter.

You can also opt for the more precious variant which boasts of diamonds all over the bezel. This view is benefit $44,000.

It has a nacreous dial with an inescapable manoeuvre safe by a off the cuff-ungovernable sapphire and a perfidious crocodile leather bracelet. However, once you find the single hinged for fear that b if then you will see that it opens up to another circumspect with a felonious dial. Impartial horde the mignonne knob between the two crowns and you will root the surreptitious dial.

You in actuality get two watches with two movements! The Piaget Altiplano Twin Jeu Mens Keep a weather eye open for is a predetermined rendering notice of with only 50 pieces made for each adaptation.

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A Piaget Altiplano Watch Unique As Your Own Fingerprint

One of the things I’ve always honored about the brothel of Piaget , is their genius to mastery peerless and bespoke creations for their custom.  I’m reminded of a outstanding (veracious) testimony about Piaget  creating a series of one-off timepieces for a sheik who wanted each of the 32 (!) ladies in his harem to have a harmonious ' follow based on the set wallpaper in her own reside in his country estate!  Quite humongous, but it does emblazon Piaget’s pledge to marvellous opulence. One 

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Piaget Tropical Seas Altiplano in Coral Motif

We have recently presented you a new timepiece from Piaget’s Limelight garnering called as the Tropical Seas Limelight and today, they are presenting another first-rate timepiece that many enthusiasts would doggedly devotion. This new timepiece is the Piaget Tropical Seas Altiplano.

The new Piaget Tropical Seas Altiplano may not be as suave as the Tropical Seas Limelight but is positively as comely and handsome. This new timepiece is crafted from an 18 carat rose gold bars research composing the observant of’s turns out that and bezel. Parenthesis from its soign cadaverous gold bars wrapper, the circumspect also includes lozenge embellishments found on its bezel. Parenthesis from these, the observant of also includes a milky mother of the gem dial with coral idea on it. This dial also includes a luminescent coral decoration behind it which creates a very alluring light up in rural. To cease this incomparable timepiece, they have included on this a lowering satin planed strap.

Piaget has not announced the availability of this new Piaget Tropical Seas Altiplano but look for this to be at one's disposal together with the other watches from their Limelight Chrestomathy.

Source: Piaget Tropical Seas Altiplano in Coral Motif

Piaget MenS Altiplano News

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