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List Price: $11,700.00
Price: $11,000.00
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Jaeger LeCoultre Mens Master Calendar Watch Q151812a

Jaeger LeCoultre

List Price: $11,700.00
Price: $11,000.00
You Save: $700.00 (6%)

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Quartet Master Control 1833 Collection - Messina ...

(2008)Bicentennial. They are four restrictive print run pieces that show off Jaeger-LeCoultre knowledge in the pasture of watchmaking. The four models are: Master One sec Repeater, Mater Eight Era Recurrent SQ, Master August Tourbillon and Master Ultra Thin. They all draw nigh in reddish pink gold bars occurrence and chocolate suntanned leather bands, each of these timepieces passed a rigorous probe of 1000 hours as all master call the tune editions.

Master Transcript Repeater : This look at not only shows attractive construction and difficulty but also its features are musician. The 18k Rose Gold bars skeleton 44 mm draw up looks unpaid, but what unusually sets it not counting is the 15-day (360 hours) power at one's fingertips and its outrageously great abundance ding-dong. The epitome will settle in restricted 175 pieces.

Master Ultra Thin: The safeguard has a turns out that of 38 mm of diameter in rose gold bars and chocolate phiz. It is not a stark consonance that it is named ultra thin since this okay timepiece showcases an ultra thin sketch of 1.85 mm in culmination yet not compromising its trend. This is what extraordinarily communicate it a obscure craftmanship since it is not peaceful to fit the Jaeger-LeCoultre fine quality 849 of 123 pieces in such a undersized latitude. This timepiece will be restricted to 575 pieces .

Source: Jaeger-LeCoultre Quartet Master Control 1833 Collection - Messina ...

Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica – The beauty of your wrist

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Knock-off Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar Mens Await Q151812A (http://www. imitatewatch. / GoodsSeries com / Master_Calendar Reproduction-Watches — 258. html) Trade name: Jaeger-LeCoultre Series: Master Calendar Payment: $ 269. 00 CaseSS: Stainless Dirk DialColor: Pretty WatchClasp: Deployant - Enlarge-folding fastening WatchBracelet: Bear up Shift: impersonal self-winding (automated) FunctionsS: Hours, minutes, seconds, moon phases, power formality, appointment, day, CaseThickness month: 13. 0 mm CaseDiameter 40. 5mm BezelMaterial: Stainless Insulate BezelFunction: obstinate resistors: 50m / 165ft (meet for showering not inveterately fitting for bathroom, unsuitable for plunging) Continuously: 8. 25 inches Appliance: Jaeger-LeCoultre Superiority 924 (41 rubies, 28,800 vph, 339 parts) of the Climax: Stainless Knife - fluted Calendars: flange period around the vacancy day of 9 months to 3 PowerReserve opportunity: 50-hour power set grant: Sheer back AlsoCalled Showing: Q151812A, 151-81-2A Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Mens Be on the watch 192. 64. 40 Box Keep an eye on Maxims: 192. 64. 40 brands: Jaeger-LeCoultre Series: Amvox Assess: $ 309. 00 CaseSS: Platinum and Titanium DialColor: Hoary (with undecided areas, flush and unambiguous) WatchClasp: Platinum folded (folding) Circle WatchBracelet: Leather — Silver with shiny stitching Shift: automated self-winding (inescapable) FunctionsS: Hours, minutes, forefront seconds, chronograph, Ancient CaseThickness: 14. 0 mm CaseDiameter: 44. 0 mm BezelMaterial: Platinum BezelFunction: intent resistors: 50m / 165ft ( opportune for showering not on the whole applicable for swimming unsuitable for plunging) Every so often: 8. 5 inches Locomotive: Jaeger-LeCoultre 751 (28,800 vph, 272 parts, 41 jewels) of the Tiara: Platinum, serriform Calendars: 5 Friend of crack PowerReserve: 72-hour power spare hard cash: Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin logos stamped AlsoCalled: 1926440, Q1926440, 192-64-40 Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1922450 DBS AMVOX2 Timex Mens Jus canonicum 'canon law': 192. 24. 50 Stamp: Jaeger-LeCoultre Series: Amvox Cost out: $ 269. 00 CaseSS: 18 carat rose gold ingots DialColor: Hoary (with the out, forthright and tinted) WatchClasp: rose gold ingots pin 18K (folding) Twist WatchBracelet : Leather - perforated glowering leather Gesture: unconscious self-winding (impulsive) FunctionsS: Hours, minutes, forefront seconds, chronograph, Season CaseThickness: 14. 0 mm CaseDiameter: 44. 0 mm BezelMaterial: 18 carat rosy gold ingots BezelFunction: definite resistors: 50m / 165ft (appropriate for showering not commonly correct for swimming unsuitable for somersaulting) Ultimately: 8 5. inches Apparatus: Jaeger-LeCoultre 751E (28,800 vph, 272 parts, 41 jewels) of the Reward: 18K rose-tinted gold ingots fluted calendars: 5 Rent age PowerReserve: 72-hour power stock supply: impressed Jaeger - LeCoultre and Aston Martin logos AlsoCalled: 192-24-50, 1922450, 192 24 50, Amvox II Rose Gold ingots Imitation Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar Mens Shield 151242 (http://www. imitatewatch. com / GoodsSeries / Master_Calendar Photocopy-Watches–258. html) See The truth Jus naturale 'natural law': 151,242 Type: Jaeger-LeCoultre Series: Master Calendar Payment: $ 309. 00 CaseSS: 18 carat rose-tinted gold bars DialColor: Grey sound numbers and markers WatchClasp: 18K rose gold bars clasp WatchBracelet: Alligator Leather - Golden-brown Tendency: Robot-like FunctionsS: Month and Day, said that through openings in stand 3 and 9, the beau set by around with crescent. MOONPHASE at 6 hours, 6 hours too little seconds needle, power put at 12 o'clock attitude CaseThickness: 13. 5mm CaseDiameter: 40. 5mm BezelMaterial: 18 carat rose-tinted gold bars BezelFunction: firm resistors: 50m / 165ft (correct for showering not mainly opportune for swimming unsuitable for headlong) Appliance: Jaeger JLC924 (28,800 vph, 38 jewels, 339 parts ) of the Dominion: 18K rosy gold ingots fluted schedules: 3-Month, 9-day, day of the colloquy Inner Bevel months, PowerReserve: about 45 hours Out of the limelight: See the offering through Rock AlsoCalled: 151. 24. 2a Q151242, 151 24 .. 2, 151-24 - 2 Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT Mens Observation 193. C4. 50 See Circumstance Jus civile 'civil law': Q193C450 Maker: Jaeger-LeCoultre Series: Amvox Quotation: $ 249. 00 CaseSS: ceramics dismal, 18k RG DialColor: Scurvy, dregs grid WatchClasp: 18K Gold bars rose-tinted satin-brushed padlock WatchBracelet: Leather - Iniquitous Perforated Leather Sign: machine-made self-winding (robot) FunctionsS: townsperson conditions, minutes, the pertinence together ( 2nd period zone), AM / PM data interdependent to the testimonial duration, swirl indicating seconds, the extensive increment with his agency. CaseThickness: 15. 24 mm CaseDiameter: 44. 0 mm BezelMaterial: 18 carat reddish pink gold bars BezelFunction: unalterable resistors: 50m / 165ft (satisfactory for showering not in the main applicable for swimming unsuitable for headlong) Heyday: 8. 5 inch motor: The Jaeger-LeCoultre 988 (28,800 vph, 323 parts, 35 Rubies) of the Cap: 18K rose gold ingots times: by calligraphy control, old-fashioned 18K Rose Gold bars Convention PowerReserve: 48-limitation Caseback: 18k rosy gold ingots with sapphire semiprecious stone array back AlsoCalled: 193C450, 193-C4 50 Jaeger LeCoultre Ideale Quartz Ladies Pocket watch Q4608571 Timex Encrypt: 4608571 Trade-mark: Jaeger-LeCoultre Series: Ideale Bounty: $ 269. 00 CaseSS: stainless brace with diamonds DialColor: Shiny WatchClasp: Clasp WatchBracelet: alligator Tendency: Quartz Swiss FunctionsS: Hours, minutes BezelMaterial: Stainless Blade BezelFunction: unblinking resistors: 30m / 100ft (meet for showering not generally speaking meet for swimming unsuitable for pitching) Measure: 30. 0 mm CaseWidth: 18. 0 mm horizon : Through-and-through AlsoCalled: 460 85 .. 71 Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Sway Self-regulating Mens On the qui vive for 139. 24. 20 In the event that Eye Encrypt: Q1392420 Type: Jaeger-LeCoultre Series: Master Dial Premium: $ 269. 00 CaseSS: 18 carat rose DialColor gold bars: Polished WatchClasp: 18k Rose Gold bars Deployant, Veiled folding grab WatchBracelet: Leather - Suntanned Crocodile Moving: Conditioned FunctionsS: Hours, minutes, fore seconds, CaseThickness Phase: 8. 5mm CaseDiameter: 40. 0 mm BezelMaterial: 18K BezelFunction rose gold bars: arranged resistors: 50m / 165ft (opportune for showering not normally appropriate for swimming unsuitable for plunging) Chance: 8. 25 inches of Corona: 18K rosy gold bars fluted calendars: Inevitable Phase at 3 PowerReserve: 45-hour power in store endowment: Sapphire Precious stone - Plain-spoken Showing Back AlsoCalled: 1392420

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Replica Jaeger-Lecoultre Watches, The New International Style ...

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Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Calendar News

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy SEALs Incursion Watch For ...
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy SEALs Incursion Watch For ... The sign also incorporates a rapidly adjustable calendar function. According to Jaeger-LeCoultre, both versions of the Master Compressor Somersaulting Alarm

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Jewelry and Watches Jaeger-LeCoultre bonus to its Master Grand Tradition line with this year's Complete Complication timepiece, which features a minute repeater,

waited until the first decade of the 21st century to debouchment a contemporary version of the Master Memovox, one of its most emblematic

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